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What We Do

The Association continuously strives towards its ideals of enhancing professionalism through participation with other professionals and colleagues.

The Association conducts and supports education & training workshops aimed towards the professional development of educators and others in the helping profession.

The Association is a member both of the Association of Child and Youth Care Practice (USA) (A.C.Y.C.P) and the Canadian Council of Child Care and Youth Care Associations (C.C.C.Y.C.A) provides a forum locally for its members to network.

The QAE logo

Why The QAE?

The Quebec Association of Educators seeks to involve all practitioners who work in the field of child, youth and lifespan care.

The Education and Training Committee sponsors workshops related to the continuing professional development of child, youth and lifespan care skills. The Association provides consultation and support to educators and organizations.

Association members receive and contribute to the Newsletter which keeps the membership informed of activities and events and provides articles of interest to the members, as well as our Facebook page and website.

QAE is also a member of l'Association des Éducatrices et Éducateurs Spécialisés du Québec (AEESQ).