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Follow up from the CIUSSS General Meeting held at Lakeshore Hospital on June 14th 2017. Lynne McVey, Présidente-Directrice, Adjointe des Programmes Cliniques, and Katherine Moxness, Directrice du Programme Jeunesse, approached us, (Tony Maciocia, Melanie Fournier, Louise Jessop, Jennifer Cook) prior to the commencement of the General Meeting to introduce themselves. They indicated that they looked forward to meeting with the Coalition next week.

Jennifer Cook read the Coalition letter explaining who the Coalition represents and asked the first question. ( Read the letter here) “What concrete evidence can you give us that you are aware of the current crises in youth centers and what steps are being taken to rectify the situation?”

Benoit Morin, Président-Directeur Général, thanked us for coming and outlining our concerns, which they said they shared: Third year of operation, lot of changes, major hiring going on but difficult to find staff, youth and food issue being looked at, concern over staff morale but meeting with managers indicating improvements etc. They look forward to our return so we can monitor progress with them. They will follow up with a written response.

Representatives from Beaconsfield asked about the progress, or lack thereof, of the campus project and the waste, from their standpoint, of the postponement of its opening for taxpayers, community and kids in need of services. They received a sympathetic response which indicated there would be as much attention paid to the project as possible.

As a bonus, a new union president Ms. Gosselin, raised the results of staff surveys which indicate a significant number of staff report as being very stressed, etc. This union now includes Batshaw workers and she piggybacked on our letter to say that she was sure that Batshaw staff, who were not part of the survey, would clearly add to the concern for the psychological wellbeing of CIUSSS -ODIM staff. She was congratulated on her successful election result and told that the administration shared the union's concern and was looking forward to working with her and her membership.