Quebec Association
of Educators

Member of the Association of Child and Youth Care Practice (USA) (A.C.Y.C.P)
Member of the Canadian Council of Child Care and Youth Care Associations (C.C.C.Y.C.A)
Member of Association des Éducatrices et Éducateurs Spécialisés du Québec (AEESQ)
About Us



A professional view of readaptation practice goes further than the abilities of child, youth and lifespan care personnel to show warmth, care and patience. A professional view point states that every day provides therapeutic services through specific relationships, activities, skills and techniques designed to meet the developing and ever-changing needs to clients.

All Educators in child, youth and lifespan care share a common belief that the care of clients and their families is one of the most fundamentally important task that a society performs, and in so doing, commit themselves to their Code of Ethics.


The Quebec Association of Educators seeks to involve all practitioners who work in the field of child, youth and lifespan care.

The membership includes child, youth and lifespan care staff, supervisors, administrators, teachers and organizations who are involved in caring for, and working within the lifespan of children, youth, adults and families.


  • To provide a professional forum for practitioners to discuss the delivery of services to clients.
  • To provide the opportunity for professional growth and training through conferences workshops and forums.
  • To exchange information and ideas of common interests to the profession via the Association Newsletter.
  • To promote the development of the highest possible standards for services in accordance with the Code of Ethics established by the Association.
  • To develop and promote professional relationships with organizations and educational institutions in order to work together in the delivery of quality services, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • Maintains high standards of professional conduct.
  • Recognizes, respects and advocates for the rights of the child, youth and family.
  • Takes responsibility for identifying, developing and fully utilizing knowledge and abilities for professional practice.
  • Aware of own values and their implications for practice.
  • Aware of self as a growing and developing professional.
  • Does not participate in practices that are disrespectful, degrading, dangerous, exploitive, intimidating, psychologically damaging or physically harmful to clients.
  • Recognize that professional responsibility is to the client and advocates for the client's best interest.
  • Recognizes that competent services often requires collaboration and intervention. Such service is a cooperative effort drawing upon the expertise of many.
  • Respects the privacy of clients and holds in confidence information obtained in the course of service.
  • Promotes ethical conduct by members of the profession.
  • Ensures that administrators and supervisors lead programs in high quality and ethical practice in relation to clients, staff, governing bodies and the community.
  • Encourages collaborative participation by professionals, clients, family and community to share responsibility for client outcomes.
  • QAE members are also responsible to their employer, "Code of Ethics", where one exists.



•Individuals who possess a DEC in Special Care Counselling or the equivalent. Equivalency is defined as a Specialized certificate or undergraduate degree in the social sciences.

Regular Member - $45.00 (1 year)


•Individuals who support the goals and objectives of the Association.

Associate Member - $30.00 (1 year)


•Individuals who are enrolled in an academic program which leads to full membership status.

Student Member - $30.00 (2 years)


What We do

The Association continuously strives towards its ideals of enhancing professionalism through participation with other professionals and colleagues.

The Association conducts and supports education & training workshops aimed towards the professional development of educators and others in the helping profession.

The Association is a member both of the Association of Child and Youth Care Practice (USA) (A.C.Y.C.P) and the Canadian Council of Child Care and Youth Care Associations (C.C.C.Y.C.A) provides a forum locally for its members to network.

Why QAE?

The Education and Training Committee sponsors workshops related to the continuing professional development of child, youth and lifespan care skills. The Association provides consultation and support to educators and organizations.

Association members receive and contribute to the Newsletter which keeps the membership informed of activities and events and provides articles of interest to the members, as well as our Facebook and website.

QAE is also a member of Association des Éducatrices et Éducateurs Spécialisés du Québec (AEESQ).


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There are currently no scheduled conferences but more are being planned. Please check back soon...


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We are located in Westmount, Quebec.


6 Weredale Park, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1Y6